There are 2 mistakes that one can make along the road to truth,
Not going all the way and not starting

~ Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C ~

The Honesty Path

Coffee in Footscray and Tacos in the City


I feel it’s time I lighten the mood around here a little and share some more happy and fun things with you! So today for you I have pretty pictures of some of the places we’ve been over the last few weeks. For a while there I was doing a weekly wrap up early in the week reporting the weekend’s events but the last few Mondays have been crazy for me and time just disappeared! 

A few weeks ago a bunch of mates came over from Tassie and we took them to Las Latinos in Maidstone on a Friday night. They’ve also opened a larger one in Ascot Vale but I’ve been to both and Maidstone stands heads and shoulders above the other. Amazing South American cuisine at stupidly cheap prices run by a lovely family. Warning – book ahead! It’s only small....

Breakfast Huevos Rancheros  

Saturday morning Gav and I finally made it to Footscray Milking Station. Uh-maz-ing. It’s not often I will order two coffees when I’m out as a concentrated amount of caffeine usually gives me the jitters (I need a few hours in between each cup) but the coffee was so good here (and I was a little sleepy...) that I broke my own rules. So hard to pick just one item off the menu but went with the Mexican inspired Huervos Rancheros and was not disappointed! And there was one lonely peanut butter cream cookie left in the cabinet that I had to take it home with me to keep it company. So glad to see something like this doing well in Footscray. 


The following week, Gav earned himself the afternoon off work so we headed into the city for some soft tacos at Touché Hombre. Yes, it has taken us this long to try this joint out! A lot of hype but for a good reason, the food was spot on. Gorgeous crunchy tortillas in their totopos (I’d call them nachos, but soooo much better) and the flavours in their tacos can’t be explained in words. If you haven’t already been (which I doubt), get there. You will not be able to look at a home cooked Old El Paso taco the same ever again (“fried haloumi and nectarine tacos for dinner tonight babe?!”)

And then we returned to John Gorilla. Slowly short listing my favourite cups of coffee and this place definitely makes it into my top three. 

That's all folks! Stay tuned till next week to see what I get up to this weekend.

Stay honest




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