There are 2 mistakes that one can make along the road to truth,
Not going all the way and not starting

~ Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C ~

The Honesty Path

It's My 30th (blog post) Yay!

For all you experienced bloggers out there, this may seem like no biggie to you. But publishing my 30th blog post is a huge achievement for me! Even hubby is shocked, he didn’t think I’d stick it out. He thought a few posts in and I’d lose interest, and I can’t really blame him as I have an amazing track record of starting things and never continuing. 

The abrupt ending of my last hobby wasn’t my fault – I started adult ballet last year but after one term there weren’t enough people in the class so I had no choice but to stop. Good news is I’ve found another school where classes start in a few weeks, so I’m crossing my fingers this is more successful! Will keep you updated on the progress...

Then there was the time I wanted to be a DJ (surely, this is something a lot of people have thought?!) So I played around for about a month and got so frustrated that it wasn’t easy and I stopped that. I now have a profound amount of respect for all DJs across all music genres, whether amateur or professional. Mixing tunes ain’t easy!

And a few years ago, I thought about blogging. Hubby set up a site, tried to make it look pretty and I did nada, nothing. Not a word, not a thought. I simply wasn’t ready and hadn’t found my voice.

But this time around something felt right. I was finally comfortable with who I was and what I had to say and found the confidence to share this with the world. It’s still only early days, but I’m having a blast doing it. It’s a great way to sort out my thoughts and formulate ideas. 

My original hope was to get people to think, to plant a few mental seeds and start people off on their own journey of self discovery. I chose the name The Honesty Path, as I believe we are never as honest with ourselves as we should be. We act in ways that don’t reflect who we truly are, we make decisions that we know are not good for us, we try to be someone who we aren’t to please others, and we go against that little voice inside that says what we are about to do might not be a good idea. We do all of this because it’s easy, it’s what we’ve always done and what those closest to us do as well. We know no other way. 

I want to bring up topics that may be a little taboo, things that we all probably think at one time or another but don’t address or talk about because it’s not the done thing. I’m hoping that if I have the courage to admit it and bring it up, it can give you the courage to do the same. If I can help one person to stop ignoring their demons and be more honest with themselves, I will be a very happy lady. 

As you have already seen, I also love sharing the great things my home town Melbourne has to offer. I think this helps lighten things up a little, and also shows you another (less serious) side of me. And, Melbourne has so much to see so it makes things on here prettier too!

There has been one point though, when I did want to stop. I started doubting myself after reading something silly somewhere which suggests we all think we are actually better than we really are. I thought is what I’m actually writing pretty crappy but I believe it’s good? Am I just kidding myself here? But then I had to remember that even if no-one is reading, I am having fun doing it and it’s actually helping me a lot in the process.

Right now, I need to thank my husband for pushing me to do this. And also thank him for his tech skills as up until this week he was doing all the posting, photos, layout etc and I was just typing the articles and giving him directions on how I wanted it to look (great team work babe!) I’ve only just learnt how to actually post an article, and put the photos in it so if it hasn’t been looking good over the last few days, now you know why! Behind every great blogger is their partner who is either providing inspiration, taking photos or doing some other bloggy stuff. 

So, if you haven’t already done – jump onto Bloglovin and start following me. Let’s all start communicating honestly with each other and commit to being the best person we can be. It isn’t easy, but if we do it together it helps. Now, just to wait and see if I can make it to 300 posts...

Stay honest




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