The Honesty Path

I Have a Dirty Habit of Judging People

I have a confession to make. I am a judger. It shames me to say it and I am hoping to break this awful, nasty habit. 

I hear others do it and it makes me shudder. Gossiping, jumping to conclusions, forming opinions of people based on hearsay without exploring all of the facts. Labelling people with derogatory names such as asshole, bogan or bitch. 

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How Can A Holiday Help You?

It’s sad how quickly holidays pass. The memories remain but two weeks have passed since we got back from Port Douglas and it feels like we’ve been back to routine for months. The tan has faded, suitcases have been packed away and daily life stressors have returned. But I suppose that’s what holidays are all about, a temporary break from reality to recharge the batteries. And we did just that!

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The Grain Store and Hawk & Hunter

Being back in Melbourne after spending time in sunny Far North Queensland isn’t such a bad thing, especially when I get to explore more of our cafe offerings!

Saturday morning I caught up with a dear friend at Hawk and Hunter in Ripponlea. I had been itching to get here for ages (after seeing instagram pics of the fit out!) but it’s not exactly a local option. It is however a pretty good mid-way point between my friend and I. Opportunity seized!

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A little time out can be a good thing

We all need a little time in life to reflect. It helps us to grow, to make improvements and ensure we are living our best possible lives. 

Last semester killed me. I put more pressure on myself than I ever have before to perform and it drained the life out of me. Was it worth it in the end? No, not really. But it’s only through hindsight that I can see that. I had all these blogging plans for the semester break but when it arrived I didn’t want to look at a computer. I associated my laptop with studying, and it really wasn’t going to be a positive experience. 

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Be Patient With Life

Life is a funny thing. You need to trust it. Have a positive outlook that good things can, and will happen. Have a few goals and let it take its course. But also be a little flexible as life might provide you with something unexpected that was actually what you were looking for all along. 

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Start the day with gratitude

Start as you mean to go on, or so the saying goes. A great motto to being each day with. It’s winter down here in the southern hemisphere. The sun isn’t rising until 7:30am, which means it’s dreadfully dark (and awfully cold) when we wake in the morning. The thought of leaving the warmth of your bed to tread on cold bathroom tiles in order to have a shower makes you shudder. Ugh, then you start to think of how busy the day is going to be, how you hate your job and wish to be doing something different with your life. How many coffees and sweets are you going to need to consume just to make it through to 5pm? All off a sudden the positivity has been sucked from your day and you feel terribly miserable. Uh-oh. Not a great start to the day, is it?

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How Are Those Lies Working Out For You, Really?

How many lies do you tell yourself each day? How’s it working out for you? It’s a funny thing, honesty. One conjures up memories of their childhood and being taught not to tell fibs, to always tell the truth even if it may get you into trouble. We then start to learn and are encouraged to tell small white lies occasionally if it means protecting the feelings of a loved one. Or that it’s okay to bend the truth a little as long as no one gets hurt. Through childhood we also absorb how our caregivers and guardians tell lies (big or small) to help them through their daily lives, which then starts to create conflict with what they tell us about the importance of truth.

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My Life is Back to Normal (for a few weeks anyway)

I can breathe a sigh of relief. Exams are done for a semester and I have some me time again. Strange feeling. This time around I put in everything I had, no holding back, no sabotaging. And it’s a little scary. If the results aren’t all I am hoping for, I haven’t got a fall back excuse (probably for the first time in years). 

Previous semesters, I have done some of my best procrastination work (online shopping as mentioned in a previous post). At the end of exam periods, my wardrobe would be bursting with new items that were totally up to date with the latest trends. If my results weren’t top notch, it was obvious to the rest of the world why that was the case. 

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If You Believe, It Will Happen

Apart from Health and Happiness, there are a few things I think we all aim for as we go through our journeys here on planet earth. Loving relationships, a successful and fulfilling career, a happy social life and creating a stable home environment for the family. 

But what happens when for one reason or another, you don’t believe you deserve these things? Or you think they’re too hard to obtain?

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How To Spend A Weekend Eating and Drinking In Hobart

My most recent trip back to Tassie was more of a foodies adventure than previous visits have been. Hobart is really hiding some great gems that you need to experience – whether you’re a tourist or a regular Hobartian.

So where did I go? 

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